Leading Manufacturer of Zinc Products, Eyelet and Deep Drawn Stampings 


General Information

The Platt Brothers & Company
2670 So. Main St., Box 1030 E., Waterbury, CT 06721
T: 203.753.4194     F: 203.753.9709
E-mail: info@plattbros.com

Please use the email addresses below to contact us regarding specific product lines. This will help us expedite our response to your inquiry. Thank you.

Ribbon Anodes
E-mail: plattline@plattbros.com

Thermal Spray Metalizing
E-mail: thermalspraying@plattbros.com

Strip & Reroll
E-mail: zincstrip@plattbros.com

Zinc Shot
E-mail: zincshot@plattbros.com

Eyelet Products
E-mail: pbeyelet@plattbros.com