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Niagara Falls BridgeNiagara Falls Bridge
Vestas Zinc CoatingVestas Zinc Coating
Washington Crossing Bridge Thermal SprayWashington Crossing Bridge Thermal Spray
Yaguna Bay Bridge Thermal SprayYaguna Bay Bridge Thermal Spray
Thermal SprayThermal Spray

Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The project was performed by Clara Ind., Thunder Bay, Ontario using TMS Metalizing systems, Silverdale, WA Bridgemaster Thermal Arc Spray systems during 2002 and 2003. The 85/15 ZN/AL Alloy Metalized Coating System was chosen after extensive research by the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission as when sprayed onto steel the 85/15 alloy produces a coating with the best anti corrosion noble characteristics of both the Zinc and Aluminum metals for optimum corrosion protection. The corrosion resistance of this alloy is especially effective on steel against sodium chloride (salt), sulfur dioxide and marine environments.

Alloys used: 1315, 85/15


Thermal sprayed coatings, typically of Zinc or Zinc/Aluminum (85/15), are used on components and flange sections of windmill towers. Conventional paint coatings can be applied over the thermal sprayed coatings. Thermal spray coatings are less susceptible to damage from shipping and handling. "Push-Pull" arc systems (Arcspray 140GP) and "Push" arc systems (The Bridgemaster(R) or Arcspray 701) are routinely used in these applications.

Alloys Used: 1315, 85/15

New Jersey Over the Delaware River

A steel truss structure that spans the Delaware River connecting Pennsylvania to New Jersey. This nearly 48,000 square foot job was thermal sprayed with Platt Zinc in 1994. Interstate Coatings of Seattle, WA completed the spraying of nearly 48,000 square feet of steel with zinc in 1994. The Washington Crossing Bridge was the first steel bridge to be arc sprayed with 3/16” Zinc.

Oregon Coast Newport, Oregon

Recent developments in high deposition twin wire electric arc spray systems have enabled cathodic protection to be a cost effective method of extending the life of concrete bridges and other structures. This project used Platt Zinc arc spray wire for the cathodic protection of this concrete bridge structure. This project was the first use of 3/16” Zinc arc spray wire for cathodic protection of concrete bridge structures.

Tampa Bay, Florida

Over 120,000 square feet of concrete was metalized in this Florida Department of Transportation project.

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