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Manufactured in the USA


Global Source for Zinc, Zinc Alloys & Innovative Solutions • Manufactured in the USA

Over 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space devoted to the manufacture of zinc-based alloys in malleable forms of wire, strip, rod and shapes, as well as application specific products.

For over 200 years, our reputation for unsurpassed quality and customer service has made The Platt Brothers & Company a major source for zinc, zinc alloys and other non-ferrous products used for research facilities, fuse manufacturers, automotive design, marine use, and construction and decorative architectural work. We have the unique distinction of being the last US-based zinc manufacturer – all of our products are made with pride in our Connecticut-based facilities.

AC Mitigation Zin Anodes

Plattline™ Zinc Ribbon Anode

AC Mitigation, Cathodic Protection, Sacrificial Anode, Ground Mat & Rods

Zinc Wire

Zinc Wire

Corrosion Protection with
Thermal Spray / Metallizing

Zinc Road

Zinc Rod

"As-cast" for "Pencil-Type" Anode Applications, or Rolled as Coil or Round

Zinc Roll

Zinc Strip & Reroll

Zinc-Based Alloys in Rod, Wire, Strip and Shapes

Zinc Cut Wire Shot

Abrasive Media / Zinc Shot

Preformed mats for use in cathodic protection, electrical grounding and safety applications

The Platt Brothers and Company History

Platt's History

Read about Platt's history and growth spanning over two centuries!