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History of the Platt Brothers and Company

The history of the Platt family business goes back over 200 years. From these beginnings, the company has developed into an internationally recognized producer of zinc and zinc based alloys. Our centuries of manufacturing experience have allowed Platt to develop products to serve such diversified markets as lighting accessories, communications, aerospace, sensing devices, control valves, primary and after-market automotive components, construction, military and electronics. The Platt family tradition of always being ready to meet the changing and challenging needs of our customers continues into the new century.


For $1700, Nathan Platt bought the original site of the Platt Brothers Plant, including 30 acres of land, water rights, a sawmill, a gristmill, a barn and a house.
The Platts were producing wire and button eyes, which then led to the manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous buttons.
Nathan’s son Alfred continued his father’s ambitions by establishing a small button-making and metal working business alongside his father’s.
Nathan Platt's House
Circa 1806 – Nathan Platt’s house, later it became Alfred Platt’s and was eventually acquired by the company. The small brick building was used as the company office. And in the background is a dwelling used as a boarding house.

Button Shop Factory
Circa 1875 – Button shop factory and employees

The Platt Brothers & Company was officially incorporated in 1876. The company was formed from an earlier partnership of Alfred Platt and his two sons called, “A. Platt & Sons”, which had been functioning since 1847.
On Friday, August 19, 1955 the Naugatuck river floods, destroying most of Platt’s buildings and nearly destroying the company. At a director’s meeting and against the advice of some stockholders who want to liquidate, Horton Camp Sr. and Howard Hart recommend rebuilding.
Facility before flood
Before the Flood

Facility after flood
After the Flood

The following Monday, August 22, 1955, “the girls that were in the office were on duty and the phones were ringing” Platt immediately went back to work and decided to rebuild.
Platt Brothers build a new eyelet factory within the South Main Street Complex reuniting all operations together for the first time since the flood of 1955.
November, 1988 Platt acquires Manhattan American, a manufacturer of terrazzo floor divider strops located in Staley, NC.
February, 1989, Platt acquires Nova engineering, a manufacturer of small drawn metal shells located in Waterbury, CT.
March, 1990, Platt acquires Waterbury Eyelet Stamping, manufacturer of lamp parts and small metal shells.
Platt acquires Zinco division of LaSalle Rolling Mills, LaSalle, Illinois.
May, 2007, Platt acquires the assets of RI Metpro and moved them to our eyelet department.
September, 2010, Platt acquires Newmark Medical Components, which specializes in parts used in medical applications.
Platt Eyelet and Newmark Plant
Platt Eyelet and Newmark Medical
Platt Mill Facility
Platt Mill