ISO 9001:2015 Certified
ISO 13485:2016 Certified

Manufactured in the USA

Zinc Strip & Reroll

Rod, Wire, Strip & Shapes

Platt is a leading supplier of zinc strip and other forms. We maintain over 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space devoted to the manufacture of zinc-based alloys in malleable forms of rod, wire, zinc strip and shapes.

While most expertise is in Zinc-based alloys, other unusual non-ferrous alloys can be melted and cast. These castings can be then experimentally rolled, drawn, shaped, slit and otherwise machined into the shape required. For instance, we process alloys that melt at specific low temperature ranges, creating the necessary fusible link desired.

Slitting Capacity in Coils: to 12″ wide and down to .062″ wide
Coil OD’s: to 30″
Arbor Sizes: 2″, 4″ 5″, 6″, 10″ and 12″, 16″ diameters.
Cut-to-length Pieces: up to 146″ long. 

We make our own shipping containers to assure that your metal is packaged safely and will be processed in your machines. Special packaging such as spools for “tender” metals, export boxing, and container “stuffing” is done on our premises. Kanban and Just-In Time programs are used whenever small annual volumes, in smaller monthly usages are required. These “pulls” are stored in our warehouse ready for shipment in days from receipt of your release.

Trust Platt for Your Zinc Strip Needs

The Platt Brothers and Company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of zinc and zinc based alloys. Platt has been in business for over 225 years – a true testament to our dedication to customer success. We focus on superior quality with everything that we produce, driven by strict process and quality standards and controls. Platt is both ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

If you have any questions or special zinc strip requirements, we encourage you to contact us today. Our application engineers would be happy to review your needs and leverage their deep knowledge and experience to provide you an optimal solution and timely quote. 

Zinc Strip Reroll